Under The Queen’s Umbrella (2022) Episode 5 Review & Recap

Under the Queen’s Umbrella is a Korean historical drama series directed by Kim Hyung-shik and star Kim Hye-soo as Queen Im Hwa-Ryeong, Kim Hae-sook as Queen Dowager, and Choi Won-young as King Lee-ho.

The series takes place on tvN’s schedule from Saturday to Sunday at 09:10 p.m. m., previously occupied by Little Women. Under the Queen’s Umbrella Episode 5 has a duration of 64 minutes.


In the previous episode, there are two sides in which we know that Queen Hwa -Reong and his sons are happy and spend some quality time with each other. His brother Nogram finds the physicians who treated Prince Taein in the past also knew that there were some improvements in the prince’s health. But on the other hand, the end of the episode is not good because the prince starts vomiting again, and everyone gets sad again.

Story & Review

At the start of episode 5, King knew all about the crown prince’s disease. He is angry and starts shouting at both queen and the physician treating the prince. He raised the question of why you hide all this from us. He gives the order to arrest that physician and take all responsibilities from the queen, and you have to stay in the room.No one can meet with the prince without my permission, even his mother.

Queen Hwa Reong was too worried and started crying, repeatedly requesting that he please allow me to stay with my son. I am ready for any punishment. But the King disagreed. Gossips begin in the place about the prince. Concubines are discussing Kingdom’s future and who will become our next prince. Crown prince brothers want to meet their brother, but guards are kept from entering the room.

In the next scene, Queen Dowager comes. You don’t know; no one has permission to meet the crown prince. You are violating the King’s order. We are here to understand how our brother’s condition is now, and please tell us how we are breaking the King’s order.

Queen dowager said to Nogram that you still needed to be changed. I have told you one thing about your childhood. You still did not adjust yourself in the palace, and she moved. Another grand prince also moves from there. Hwa Reong got a task she had to translate text within five days, and it was too difficult. She translated it within one night and asked her maid to call yunsh to collect the sample.

Queen Hwa-Reong asked that you please tell me about my son’s health, but he refused. She started crying and begged in front of him that he was my son, please mercy on me. Just tell me if he is alive or not. He replied that yes. She tore off all pages and said I am sure I have made mistakes. I will call you again to collect all these.

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But remember my words never leave my son alone, especially with any physician. His life is in danger.M Nogram, after tackling the guards, secretly enters his mother’s room and asks that the Crown prince vomits with blood clots ever before. she says No. What do you think if this happened just because of medicines I gave to a physician?

Queen Hwa –Reong said no, my son is recovering from that medicines, don’t worry. But please ensure that no one knows that we bought some medicines from outside and the crown prince is using them because she wants his other son (Nogram) not involved. I will handle all this alone.

Prince Nogram went and met the physician who was In jail then and asked why this happened with my brother. He replied that different medicines have different side effects, and I didn’t know why he coughed with blood and then moved. Dowager saw him and said that he had met a physician in jail. She asked why Nogram was there. What was your discussion with him?

I was just provided secret treatment to the prince. Prince Nogram moved outside the palace again and met master Toji who prescribed medicine. He put the sword on his neck and asked what you have done with medication and why you tried to harm his brother. He said no, I had not done anything with medicines; I just slightly charged you high. I had never treated the crown prince ever before.

Queen Hwa-Reong again called chief Yansh to collect transcribed text. She again wants to know about his son’s condition, and again he refuses. He said that King did not allow me to give her such information. She said that why King gave me such a harsh punishment. Chief yunsh said I never come back to collect it again; that’s an order of the King.

She stood up and looked at herself in the mirror and, changing her dress, called her maid that it was time to mobilize the people I planted in the palace. Queen Hwa-Reong sent and received messages secretly, she knew that his son was still unconscious, but his blood vomiting stopped. She also knew that the minister, you, the chief state counselor, and Dowager were meeting each other, and she thought that the reason behind it was only to depost my son.

She checks the medicine that is any poison added to it or not. Chief state counselor, Minster, youn are again done meeting with each other if the crown prince depost, then your daughter will become queen. You go back home, and we see there that the girl who gave money to Nogram for medicines was the daughter of minister yaun.

All ministers discussed with King, the deposition of the crown prince, but King refused to and said I don’t want any discussion about it. Queen Dowager said we have to force him. Hwa-Reong came out of the room in a simple dress and moved from the palace. She met Prince Taein’s mother and asked that she please tell me whether youn son, before dying, started vomiting with blood clots.

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She replied why I should answer you? Even I wish your son died because you are all a cheater. Please, you have to answer me. I will reply to you only if you promise when I need anything from you, you have to provide me. There is no blood clotting before his death. But he has many wounds on his body. I don’t know how they killed my son, but the murderer accepted this in front of me.

There is some past scene that shows that queen Dowager met queen youn and said yes, I killed your son, but did you have any evidence? Hwa-Reong asked who started about deposition; ok, prince Taein queen youn asked the court officials. she got the main point that, again, court officials are trying to repeat this act about deposition.

In front of the court, officials are requesting for depost of the crown prince, but the chief state councilor is against them but actually, he wants to cheat King. Dowager pressurize his son to depost the crown prince. All court officials are on strike. Hwa -Reong said that why you are doing this is not fair at any cost. The chief state counselor thinks that his game will change soon, so he shouts at her and says why are you there? According to King’s order, you have to be in your quarter; then King suddenly said that I allowed her.

I think that King is alive still and under treatment; then the servant comes there, and the crown prince wants to meet him last time and wants some answer. Everyone is worried she runs and enters the room, but the Crown prince is no more. He has died, and here is some flashback of the crown prince asking his mother for the prince so that after his death, she can take care of his son and brother and stays strong. Hwa-Reong refused.

Queen cried badly, King also had tears in his eyes, and the queen replied yes, I stay strong and take care of your son. Prince Nogram was thinking about some past memories. His wife is also in bad condition.


In the start, there is too much hope to be seen that the crown prince becomes recover soon. His mother and brother tried to find out the ways. Kings were also in his favor, but the end is too much emotional because the crown prince is no more.

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