Under The Queen’s Umbrella (2022) Episode 4 Review & Recap

Under the Queen’s Umbrella is a Chinese drama series that was released in 2022 and tells the story of a queen who uses her influence to help those in need. All the episodes are now available with English subtitles, check out the episode 4 review and previous episodes’ recap.


In the previous episode, we saw that the crown prince’s mother knew the secret place where the king got ready, like a girl. She is too worried about his son’s health and is trying to find out how to overcome this disease. She also knows about some past events and the death of Prince Taien. Queen Dowager wants to expose the crown prince’s secret in front of the king, but unfortunately, she fails. The crown prince’s mother burned that place before the king reached it.

Story & Review

Episode 4 starts with Prince Nogram, He knows who destroyed that chamber, and he wants to understand why her mother did all this. He moves towards the queen’s room, but the servant asked she is not there. But forcefully he entered the room and saw that the crown prince was there. After watching all this, he becomes scared and worried that his brother is not well and is receiving treatment. He enquired about treatment with the doctor.

After that, Queen Hwa –Ryeong entered the room and said, I will tell you about that. She described a disease named Hyeolheogwol by the crown prince, which was the cause of Crown Prince Taien’s death. Everyone thinks Taien died of the illness, but his mother does not accept this. I believe that I made the correct decision for my child and started its treatment secretly in my quarter.

According to Prince Nogram, leaving me alone as a child was the right decision. She replied I was young at that time, and for some reason, I have done all this, and this is just for your survival, my son. Royal physician Cho came back to the palace. Hwa-Ryeong’s maid told about him to her. Do you want to consult him for the treatment of your son? She thinks that all the physicians treating prince Taien were dead, and some suddenly disappeared.

She thinks it’s strange that he was the only one who became a minister and that something is wrong with him. After all that, she refuses to discuss anything with him. In the next scene, prince Nogram and prince Uiseong are talking with each other. His mother allowed him (Crown prince) that if he didn’t want to appear in the exams, it was Ok. Then prince Nogram was busy with studies, and suddenly Prince Uiseong asked a question in his childhood, why are you not with us?

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Following this question, he went into the past and remembered something Queen Dowager had asked him to keep quiet about. She met with the chief state counselor in a separate room and started dealing with him. He had to help her deposit the crown prince Taien at that time and help her make his son king. Then what is my reward if I do this? Dowager replied, I make your daughter queen; from here, we know that prince Uiseong’s mother is the daughter of the chief state counselor.

Prince Bogam’s mother came with a tutor, but he refused to take any help from him because he don’t want to cheat. He wants to pass his exams with his own abilities. The Crown prince told his mother he wanted to return to his room. The next day three princes came to the exam center prince song, Nogram, and Bogeon. This exam was done by discussion, like a debate session. On the other hand, three more princes moved outside of the palace for enjoyment.

The exam begins, and the king starts questioning them about the disease spreading in their village. Prince Bogeon and Nogram give some positive suggestions, but they do not like Crown Prince’s suggestion because it is negative. Then by vote who is better, yet results are not announced. Suddenly queen Hwa Reong knows that his son is not in the room, and she starts shouting where is he??

After the exam prince Nogram moved outside the palace and met with two persons to whom he gave the duty of finding a physician. He also gave some money to them for this. He was too much worried about his brother. They told him that one physician knew about that disease, but it was difficult to reach him. Physicians at that time were in the quarantine area of the village due to the spread of disease. He gave them some money again and asked them to reach out there.

Nogram meets physician master Toji. He discussed his brother’s condition with him and discussed medicine. He prescribe some medicines and gave some details about acupuncture treatment. He said if this treatment in which needles were used on the crown prince’s body were stopped, he would be better. Because in case of blood deficiency, this treatment is not good. 

He goes to buy medicines. When he got medicine, there is a shortage of money, and one lady gave him some money to buy medicines. Prince Nogram said that he would return that money in the next week. On the other hand, queen Hwa Reong was waiting for the three princes who go outside the palace in the morning for enjoyment purposes. She was angry and punished them with a stick badly. They have to say sorry to their mother but they refused and replied we enjoyed ourselves a lot today then the queen replied ok I will not inform your mother.

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Prince Nogram takes medicine those were prescribed by master Toji to a physician who is treating the crown prince. But her mother doesn’t want to use these medicines. But the crown prince requested that I want to stand up plz allow him. Then the queen said ok we will use these medicines only for some time.

In the next scene, votes were counted to finalize the results and prince Bogam was selected. On the other hand, the crown prince has to appear on the day of delivery. She asked the physician to use the medicines that the queen dowager gives. Dowager said that the Crown prince will be deposited if he does not come on the day of delivery.

Then finally the day of delivery comes. All the concubines are discussing that the crown prince was not there surely he was in a serious disease. The king and queen Dowager come and the king asked about the crown prince where is he? She replied that I think he was unable to come. But suddenly he came and he was looking very healthy. His mother and king were happy, but unfortunately, Dowager and some other concubines were not happy.

Court lady shin asked Hwa Reong if she is noticing that after taking the medicines of Nogram he is recovering. She is too much happy. She asked her that prepare some special food tonight because she want to do lunch with all his sons. Many dishes were prepared and they have a great meal. All of them are happy. After that prince, Nogram and the prince spend some time with his brother(crown prince).

The next day prince Bogeon and the crown prince studied together and answered their tutor. At that time their teachers, King, Hwa Reonga, and Bogeon’s mother were also there. But suddenly crown prince started vomiting full of blood and become unconscious.


Episode 4 was The fourth episode also explores a different area. This is the first time we’re given access to the actual sketch of the village when the topic of the ailing nation outside the palace’s walls is brought up in the second examination as a debate. We see people affected by the virus in the real world, a view quite similar to our recent acquaintance with the pandemic. Overall, it was good that Hwa Reong spent some quality time with his sons. Some improvements were also seen in the health of the crown prince.

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